Anthony Buccino: Writing connections to Belleville, New Jersey

Belleville native Anthony Buccino has been writing for more than four decades. A lot of that nonfiction, fiction and poetry has been based on growing up in Belleville, or living in Belleville, or memories of Belleville.

Old Belleville

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The writings of Belleville native Anthony Buccino

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Greetings From Belleville, New Jersey

Greetings From Belleville - Collected writings by Anthony Buccino


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Here, by collection, are many of the titles and their connection to old Belleville, New Jersey.

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A Father's Place - An Eclectic Collection

Sister Dressed Me Funny

Rambling Round - Inside & Outside at the Same Time

Greetings From Belleville, New Jersey

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A Father's Place - An Eclectic Collection

A Father's Place - An Eclectic Collection by Anthony BuccinoLetter of Introduction - The band reunion referred to is Belleville High

Overalls - Anthony's dad wore the overalls in his Belleville homes.

One Night in the Town Pub - Where Anthony got engaged to a Belleville gal.

Memories of Brookdale Soda - Anthony grew up with the soda in Belleville.

Cold House, Warm Home - Anthony describes his home on Gless Avenue. There were two pigeon coops for homing pigeons and the breeders at A & B Loft.

Married to a Christmas Nut - The decorated school room is Belleville Junior High.

Painting Lilies of the Valley - The hospital is Clara Maass in Belleville.

How Many Hammers are Enough? - The garage is on Carpenter Street. It also held the pigeon coop for his dad's homing pigeons in Soho Loft.

A Father's Place - The second floor porch is at the Gless Avenue home.

Hello in There - Anthony learned a generation of beliefs in Belleville.

My Generation - What Anthony thought he believed out of Belleville High School.

My Warehouse Eyes - Anthony started working for the company at 681 Main St.

Smell the Coffee - Anthony drank too much coffee that night in Belleville.

Day Trips - Anthony was working at the Belleville Times when this was his vacation.

A Hare-Raising Story - Billy the store owner grew up in Belleville.

Just Another Day on Police Beat - in good old Belleville.

They're Back - Inspired by the volume of stolen cars in Belleville.

Working Class Hero - Al Trusdale in my BHS Journalism class sang this.

Kindred Spirits - Belleville and "Operation Desert Shield"

Immortality - Inspired by BHS's Project Graduation planning  (1990).

Counting Change - All about how Belleville changed from when Anthony was a kid.

Elephant Grass - Jack is based on Anthony's hunting buddy from Belleville.

Little Boy Lost - The title character was a student at BJHS

Buddies - Paul was the first friend Anthony made when he moved to School 10.

Looking Out For You - Is based on his other Carpenter Street friends, and is set at the knoll on Smallwood.

The Horn - Is based on Belleville politics.

Girl From Walnut Beach - Anthony first met her when he lived in Belleville.

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Sister Dressed Me Funny

Sister Dressed Me Funny by Anthony BuccinoLardier's Fountain - Anthony lived on Gless Avenue when he past this fountain.

Grandma's House in the Country - More about the Gless Avenue home.

Bell the Cat - The cub scout den was on Moore Place.

Dressed by Nuns - Anthony lived in Belleville and went to Holy Family School.

Billy Newtner's Bus Rides - Most of the rides ended at BJHS.

The ABIE Statement - One of the first 'My Generation' columns Anthony did, about his teen years in Belleville.

No Christmas  - Bemoaning the city-fication of Belleville.

Job Rock in Prose - Anthony's 11th Grade English class was at BHS, and Lenore's Canine Clippery was in town, too.

No Place to Work - Anthony was living at home and thinking about growing up.

Don't Forget, It's a Party - Refers to his book of poems - Days You Knew Me - which was published when he was still living at home, on Carpenter Street.

Countless and 21 - Another 'My Generation' piece about growing up while living at home.

Who is Brother, Uncle Bim? - The house is on Alva Street in Belleville.

At Spatola's - Includes reference to American Legion Post on Belmont Avenue.

Jewels at Thanksgiving - Anthony's mom began making those sandwiches on Gless Avenue and continued until he got married.

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Rambling Round - Inside & Outside at the Same Time

Rambling Round - Inside & Outside at the Same TimeJersey Kid - Anthony got his first writing assignments with clips from his Belleville Times rock 'n' roll reviews.

Editor imprisoned - Anthony begins work at Belleville Post and gets locked up in Belleville's new Town Hall

Summer peaches - The Carpenter Street house had a dozen peach trees.

Do we ever stop missing our folks - Routine life at the Buccino house in Belleville

Happy dog dance - Libby loved to visit the Buccino house on Carpenter Street

Sun Tan Lake - Anthony's summer getaway

Not where you fish - Stinky and Anthony searched for worms on Carpenter Street.

Call me Mr. Memory - Anthony becomes afraid of what he might remember about Belleville (it's too late)

Bob Harris fan club - The chimney sweep lived in Belleville.

Monk’s Castle joyrides - Were taken with teen friends from Belleville

Pushing Ginger - Anthony's mom was impressed that he met Ginger Rogers.

What area code? - Anthony remembers when Belleville was PL-9 yada yada

No Saturdays off - Bundling up for the coldest Thanksgiving day football game ever between arch-rivals Belleville and Nutley

A test, Peggy Sue? - A BHS flashback

Random channels - Anthony moved out of Belleville just as cable moved in!

House challenged - Anthony left his fix-it skills in the garage on Carpenter Street.

Happy dog roll - Includes yet another reference to Brookdale soda.

Mudhole Martha - Anthony & Stinky learned hockey on Carpenter Street

Peter Pan Revisited, again - Anthony recalls his BHS 9th grade English class

Vacuum bowling! - Anthony grew up with an Electrolux on Gless Avenue

Reunion trepidation - Yup, the reunion of the BHS Class of '72

Howling hounds - Anthony refers to his childhood dogs, Rusty & Butch

Magical top drawer - Anthony's Dad's, wherever it was.

Why we cry at weddings - Anthony got married when he lived in Belleville.

Writing the book is the easy part - If you don't have copies of all of Anthony's books, then you know what this is about.

Lawn labors lightener - Anthony spent hours mowing the lawn on Carpenter Street

It’s Catfish Pond now - Anthony's Boy Scout troop was from Christ Episcopal Church on Washington Avenue.

If you are meant to drown - Anthony nearly drowned while on a hike with Boy Scout troopers.

Air raid drill memories - All through elementary and junior high school.

Antnee’s shoe store - Anthony's shoe store was in the living room on Gless Avenue.

New Jersey road icon - Anthony was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout in Belleville.

Gram’s headache cure - Gram lived in Belleville.

Yellow crackers - A staple of food in Belleville school cafeterias.

Martha doesn’t live here anymore - Reference to Belleville-Nutley football game.

Pretzels! - Anthony sold pretzels at BHS football games for one season.

Roaring peace - Includes more about that lawn on Carpenter Street.

‘Yo, Donald Duck, hit the hay!' - Not your grandfather's answering machine.

Sleeping over - Staying over in Bloomfield was a big treat for a Belleville kid.

Where or when you laugh - Billy Newtner gets laughed at again

Kids Christmas - Harry moved to Belleville after WWII

Great-gramps was a ‘Pumking’ - Uncle Lou's print shop was in Silver Lake.

After the Titanic - The Buccino family comes to Belleville, 'Mosquito Man'

Strangers in old photos - Grandpa moved to Belleville after WWII.

Tokens pave way to Hell - On Gless Avenue Anthony dreamed of taking tolls.

Rambling round Harborside - The Belleville boy takes in the big city, Jersey City, and the Hudson River view of lower Manhattan prior to 9/11.

Underground - As a kid Anthony rode the Newark City Subway with his mom to Bamberger's in Newark. And now it is expanded to Belleville.

Why we do it - Anthony got the writing bug in BHS.

Bellwood Crier has-bin - Anthony was editor of the School 10 newspaper.

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Greetings From Belleville, New Jersey - collected writings

by Anthony Buccino

Belleville native Anthony Buccino has collected his favorite and your most-requested writings about life and growing up in Belleville, New Jersey.

Greetings From Belleville, NJ is Buccino's fourth collection of essays but the first wholly dedicated to his collected writings about Belleville.

Available on Kindle and in Print

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